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Kilikanoon Hermitage, Hermitage blanc and Crozes-Hermitage

Kilikanoon is renowned for making world class Shiraz. Indeed, flagship Oracle has won “Best Shiraz Worldwide” at two of the most prestigious international competitions. They make Reserve Shiraz from several of South Australia’s (and the world’s) finest regions- Clare Valley, Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale.

Hermitage in France’s Rhône Valley is the birthplace of the Syrah/Shiraz grape. They have been growing since at least Roman times on the famous Hermitage hillside, where remains of Roman Amphorae have been found.

Thus it was natural for Kilikanoon Winemaker and Founder Kevin Mitchell to wish to pay homage to this most noble of grape varietals, by going directly to the source.

Kilikanoon part-owner and CEO Nathan Waks has French connections and history, having studied cello at the Paris Conservatoire, and through these connections, a relationship with the Cave de Tain, owner of about 35 of the 140 hectares of Hermitage was born.

Kilikanoon are using the musical analogy of Stradivarius, the great eighteenth century master violin maker whose instruments retain their maker’s unique characteristics, but sound a little different each time they are played, according to the skill and individuality of the violinist....

Kilikanoon “Alliance” Hermitage, Crozes-Hermitage and Hermitage Blanc are made from four individual Cave de Tain vineyards which have been “loaned” to Kilikanoon. Kevin goes to France each
vintage, and makes all decisions regarding picking the grapes, crushing, fermenting and maturing the wines. Special fermenters have been made, and of course only the finest French Oak is used.

The first vintage from this partnership is the 2007, one which has already received great accolades from such scribes as Robert Parker, particularly for the Hermitage Blanc, some of which have already received near perfect scores- eg..Chapoutier with 98-100. Most of the top red Hermitage have had only barrel sample reviews.

Kilikanoon is the only Australian company currently able to legally label a wine “Hermitage”...

The Wines:
2007 Kilikanoon “Alliance” Hermitage rouge. 100% Syrah
2007 Kilikanoon “Alliance” Hermitage blanc. 100% Marsanne 13.5 %
2007 Kilikanoon “Alliance” Crozes-Hermitage rouge. 100% Syrah

For more information please contact Michael Strater, Sales Director Europe, Winestyle Australia.